BalCCon 2013

Galaksija and μGalaksija presentation | 17/09/2013

Autors of μGalaksija made a presentation on Galaksija and μGalaksija FPGA design, with just a touch of retro...

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Galaksija on 29C3

29th Chaos Communication Congress December 27th to 30th, 2012 | 17/09/2013

Tomaž Šolc gave an excellent talk on Galaksija (with reference to μGalaksija) on the 29C3 - 29th Chaos Communication Congress December 27th to 30th, 2012,  Hamburg, Germany

The ultimate Galaksija talk

First short movie published

on μGalaksija | 28/12/2011

First video is published on youtube.

Sorry for the low quality, this was the only camera available at the moment, and we had to finish the job as soon as possible, by popular demand.

Expect some higher quality movies soon.

...and also on Wall Street Journal

(from | 22/12/2011

Galaksija also on Wall Street Journal!

μGalaksija on

The word is spreading | 19/12/2011

We are on

Links updated


Links to Facebook pages and Google Groups added.

Feel free to join!

New Galaksija site is here

(after more than a year) | 14/12/2011


This is the first post on the brand new μGalaksija web page!

I hope that from now on the page will be maintained.

Visit us on Facebook : μGalaksija

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