About µGalaksija


µGALAKSIJA started as a tribute to the “forgotten” GALAKSIJA computer, designed by Voja Antonic in the early 80's. The idea was to use pure FPGA design to achieve near 100% hardware compatibility sticking as much as possible to the original design, and maintain 100 % software compatibility (even when changing/adding something to the design). And, we did it !
We proudly present µGALAKSIJA, in all it's glory!
You can get more info on the original Galaksija computer here.
The design was changed (several times) during the project, so you might notice some “unnecessary” details on the PCB – like the never-used SD-connector layout. There was an idea to use SD for external storage, but later we desided to use the internal FLASH memory on the FPGA as a non-violatile storage for memory snapshots.
Several features are added to the “original” design – like the posibility of displaying 8 RGB colors (not related to any of the existing GALAKSIJA hardware solutions). There are two distinct methods implemented. The first is changing the overall display color, changing (default) white-on-black to color-on-black text and graphics. The second is a posibility of using a separate display color map allowing any low resolution graphics pixel to be displayed in one of 8 colors. (this also affects the character color by 1/6th blocks – so it is also possible to write nice colorful text). More information about these and other special features on the technical specification page.
Checkout our FAQ page for further info.