Q: What is µGalaksija?
A: µGalaksija is a Single-Chip remake of the vintage Galaksija computer with some new features added.
Q: Where to buy µGalaksija? 
A: Unfortunately it is not possible to buy one now. We are in a process of finding the way to make this possible, and hopefully it will be possible in the near future. Show your interest by contacting us, it would be a great help for our efforts.
Q: What can I do with µGalaksija?
A: Whatever you feel like :) Experience the "retro" spirit, remind yourself of the "good old days", amaze friends or children, educate yourself, put it in your TV, use it as a controller of your new robot, make it a door bell... you tell us! Either way you own a piece of history !
Q: Is this the end of  µGalaksija development?
A: No! We look forward to make some changes in the design to make it more useful, and to provide an easy way of customizing and upgrading the original project to suite your needs. Also we hope to open "μGalaksija projects" to show our and your ideas on how to use it best.