Specification of µGalaksija


miniUSB connector, only 5V DC lines used


Main CPU - T80(Z80) FPGACore - powering Galaksija clone
Auxiliary CPU – picoBlaze FPGACore – powering the menu system


FPGA Clock 50.000 MHz
T80 Core 3.125* – 25.000 MHz (user adjustable from on-screen menu – x1, x2, x4, x8)


Internal 10KB ROM containing original ROM “A” and “B” (4KB each) and 2KB character ROM. ROM “B” is automatically loaded (ROM “A” modified as in original GALAKSIJA)


Internal 8 KB of RAM - T80
Additional 3072 (64x48) locations for Color-map 3 bit RAM - T80
Additional 1 location 3 bit RAM for full screen color change - T80
1024 locations 18 bit RAM - picoBlaze


Internal 256KB allowing 32 full memory snapshots to be saved/loaded (CPU state is not saved so snapshots are best used when in BASIC interpreter prompt/after reset)
Snapshot load/save from on-screen menu


PS/2 connector - Standard PC keyboard** – with emulation logic allowing the µGALAKSIJA to “see” the original matrix keyboard.


VGA connector - Standard VGA monitors supported 640x480/60Hz display mode
(32x16 characters, 64x48 dots low-res graphics)
Standard display mode – monochrome – white on black***
Available color modes (8 RGB foreground colors)****
- Programmable “all foreground” color
- 64x48 foreground color map


3.5mm stereo jack tape input/output port L channel – input R channel – output


Z80 I/O port implemented (16bit wide)

(*) Original GALAKSIJA clock is 3.072MHz
(**) Keyboard map explained it the User's Manual
(***) Original GALAKSIJA display mode
(****) Additional display modes, 100% compatible with original software – transparent implementation